Advanced Dental Technology

At our practice, we use modern technology to make sure our young patients can have efficient, comfortable appointments, each and every time. And it’s a fun bonus that our pediatric dentists think all the tools are pretty cool, too!

Digital X-Rays

Dental X-rays displayed on a monitorWhenever we need to take X-rays, we use digital, rather than traditional, X-rays. They’re safe for all ages and eliminate the need for sharp pieces of X-ray film.

  • Digital X-rays emit up to 90% less radiation than with traditional X-rays.
  • Everything is processed digitally for a more environmentally friendly option with no chemicals or waste.
  • The images from digital X-rays can be enhanced or magnified on the computer, making them easier to use for diagnoses and patient education.

Intraoral Camera

Dental Intraoral CameraAn intraoral camera is a small, handheld tool that lets our team to see all the little details in your teeth. With it, we can identify issues that might be difficult to spot with just our eyes.

  • Intraoral cameras help us discover oral issues early for less invasive, more affordable treatments.
  • Whatever we see with the camera, you’ll get to see on a monitor to give you a better understanding and clearer picture of our diagnosis.
  • It’s fun for kids to see their very own teeth and gums right on the TV/computer screen!

Isolite™ Patient Comfort System

Isolite dental instrumentThe Isolite™ makes it easy to keep kids comfortable throughout appointments. This system has many different functions that help children feel at ease and help us work more efficiently.

  • Isolite’s protective shield prevents soreness that might happen from keeping your mouth open for an extended period.
  • The mouthpiece also serves as a suction device so we don’t have to bother with cotton rolls or rinse breaks.
  • The tool also has a light that helps our team see better and work faster.

Better technology for a higher standard of care.

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