Animals with Strange Teeth

Adult elephant with baby elephant outside walking in the grass.

We are so familiar with our own human teeth, but how much do we know about the teeth of our animal companions? We’ve compiled a list of eight strange and wondrous examples of animals that have their own dental problems and quirks.

1. Elephants

Did you know that elephant tusks are actually teeth? These tusks never stop growing, making them easily some of the longest teeth in the world!

2. Giraffes

Something that giraffes and humans have in common is that we both have the same amount of teeth. But unlike us, giraffes have no upper front teeth and most of their teeth are molars located in the back of their mouths.

3. Sharks

While sharks don’t get any cavities due to the layer of fluoride that protects their teeth, they do tend to lose a lot of them. Sharks are known to constantly lose their teeth – at least one tooth per week!

4. Crocodiles

Similar to sharks, crocodiles lose their teeth regularly. They can have up to 60 teeth at a time, which is nearly twice as many as the amount of human teeth!

5. Cows and Sheep

Cows, sheep, and other herbivores typically don’t have incisors. These animals must use their lips to cut through their food.

6. Rabbits

Rabbits have teeth that are long, and most of them are buried inside the bones of their jaws. But did you know that they usually lose their baby teeth in utero?

7. Rats

Rats are constantly nibbling and gnawing on things. It’s a necessity because their teeth never stop growing! This gnawing action has a purpose as it helps them maintain the size and shape of their teeth.

8. Blue Whales

Some of the largest and most majestic animals on the planet, blue whales shockingly have no teeth! This forces them to hunt for small prey since they can’t chew their food.

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