Tips for Your Baby’s Oral Health

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At Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, we know you want your kids to grow up happy and healthy. That is why we make your child’s oral care our priority – we believe that establishing good dental habits from the beginning can have a lifelong impact on their health! With that in mind, today we want to talk about a topic we get tons of questions about: caring for your infant’s teeth.

Start Early

Even before your child’s teeth come in, you should clean their mouth. Wipe their gums after each feeding with a warm washcloth or damp piece of gauze. This will get rid of excess food as well as help get your child used to oral care.

Baby Teeth Are Important Too!

Occasionally, parents have the misconception that caring for baby teeth is not as important as caring for permanent teeth, because your child will just lose the teeth anyway. However, this is not the case! Your child’s baby teeth help them chew, talk, and also provide spacing for their permanent teeth. Proper care for baby teeth ensures that your child’s teeth and gums will develop in a healthy way as they age.

Establish Good Habits

Once your child gets their baby teeth, it’s time to start brushing with a toothbrush. There are many exciting toothpaste flavors and toothbrush colors on the market – choose something that will have your child excited about brushing their teeth. Just like adults, you should make sure your child brushes their teeth twice daily.

Come See Us!

Regular exams and cleanings with our qualified dentists will ensure that your children’s teeth develop the right way. Our office is designed with your child’s comfort in mind – we have plenty of toys, books, and TVs for the whole family to enjoy in our waiting area.

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