What Are Baby Root Canals?

infant girl with big eyes who might need a baby root canal

If your dentist recommends a root canal for your child, you might feel intimidated and naturally concerned for your child. At Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, we only consider a root canal once all other alternatives have been carefully reviewed. Sometimes a root canal is the most effective treatment to save a tooth and prevent further dental issues. We try our best to make it a stress-free experience for your son or daughter by providing gentle sedation options.

What Is a Baby Root Canal?

Baby root canals are usually required when a cavity is deep enough that it has infected the nerve within a child’s tooth. This often occurs when there is severe tooth decay or a dental injury. If your child is experiencing toothaches or tooth sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages, these could be warning signs. During the root canal procedure, we remove the affected part of the nerve and seal up the tooth with a medication. This will prevent the decay from spreading further and help the tooth function as normal.

Are Baby Root Canals Necessary?

Since your child’s primary teeth will fall out in time, parents may wonder what the point is in saving those teeth anyway. Early loss of a baby tooth could put your child at risk of malocclusion (a bad bite). This can interfere with chewing. It can also cause a speech impediment and interfere with the alignment of developing adult teeth. A root canal helps maintain the integrity and health of the baby tooth, gum tissue, and bones. Ultimately, a root canal can help ensure that your child has a beautiful, winning smile.

Root canals aren’t as common in little ones as in adults. We recommend them over extraction, though, because we believe they prevent long-term dental issues.

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