Baby Teeth – What To Look Out For

baby teeth

Baby teeth are the initial teeth that grow in before your child’s permanent teeth appear. To learn more about these teeth and timelines for expected growth, keep reading.

What Are Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth, also known as milk teeth, are the first set of teeth that appear in your child’s mouth. While they will initially be shed in favor of the permanent set, proper care for them is still important since it sets the stage for a lifetime of oral health. Your child should begin seeing a dentist around the time of their first tooth’s appearance, or by the age of one. These first visits are short and simple but they help your child become familiar with going to the dentist and can go a long way to preempting dental anxiety.

When Do Baby Teeth Arrive?

Your child is born with their baby teeth, usually 20 in total. They generally start to poke through the gums around the age of six months old. Eruption typically moves from front to back. So, you’ll start by seeing the front teeth first, moving all of the way to the molars in the back. These won’t come in until around the age of 23 to 33 months.

Shedding Baby Teeth

Wondering when the tooth fairy will come knocking? When the permanent teeth are ready to descend, they’ll begin to gradually push the primary teeth out of the mouth. Again, you’ll see this process begin in the front of the mouth and work toward the back. The loss of baby teeth usually begins around the age of six or seven, and lasts through the age of about 12. However, there’s no one answer to when the baby teeth will go. It’s not unheard of for baby teeth to stick around longer, even into adulthood.

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