Benefits of Invisalign® for Teens

Smiling teen holding a clear aligner and a model of a mouth with braces.

As a parent, deciding which orthodontic option is best for your teen can be challenging. Cost, commitment, and type of dental correction needed can all play a role in your decision. If you feel stressed, you’re not alone! The Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry team will help you make the best choice for your teen’s specific situation. There are now more options than just traditional braces. We’d like you to know a little more about the benefits of Invisalign® for teens.

Invisalign for Teens

Similar to regular clear aligners, Invisalign Teen treats misaligned or crooked teeth with a series of clear, BPA-free plastic, removable aligners. The series of clear aligners are custom-made for your teen’s teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

There are many benefits specific to clear aligners that have made them popular with adults that teens will also enjoy. And the great thing is that even though Invisalign eliminates some of the challenges associated with traditional braces, they are still just as effective as traditional braces!

    Comfortable Treatment

    The difference between other clear aligners and Invisalign is that Invisalign clear aligners are SmartTrack® material. This material allows the aligners to fit snugly but comfortably around your teen’s teeth. The customization also allows the aligners to be evenly trimmed to fit along your teen’s gum line without irritation. And the aligners are more comfortable than metal braces.

    Discreet Treatment

    The clear, translucent material also makes Invisalign less noticeable. Invisalign won’t leave your teen standing out, especially if they don’t want anyone to know they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. This can encourage your teen to feel more confident and continue to smile. It also allows them to see their results as treatment progresses!

    Less Restrictive Treatment

    Invisalign usually takes a little less time than traditional braces. For some patients without serious issues, it can take as little as six months, although the average time is 18 to 24 months. During this time, your teen won’t have to give up the food or drinks they love! Dental appointments will also be less of a commitment since Invisalign doesn’t require adjustments like traditional braces. Another benefit is that it isn’t necessary for your teen to make changes to their oral care routine in order to maintain good dental hygiene. The aligners are removed and they can brush and floss as usual.

Invisalign for Teens in San Antonio, TX

The benefits of Invisalign make it a desirable orthodontic choice for many teens. But if your teen isn’t sure they can commit to wearing the aligners for the necessary number of hours, or if they are afraid they might lose them, it might be better to stick with traditional braces. Fortunately, Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry also offers traditional braces! If you’re ready to learn more about whether Invisalign will work for your teen, give our San Antonio dental office a call to schedule a consultation. Our friendly pediatric orthodontist can help your teen achieve a straighter smile!

We offer Invisalign® clear aligners for teens!