About Our BPA-Free Fillings: Safe & Natural-Looking

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At Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Ayala and the rest of our qualified team work hard to take care of all your child’s dental needs. From routine cleanings and exams to root canals and extractions, we provide a wide variety of services for all your child’s dental needs.

Many of our patients have mild tooth decay that we treat with dental fillings. But what exactly is a dental filling and when is one necessary?

What Is a Filling?

Bacteria in your mouth break down sugar and other substances to form acid, which can wear away at your teeth and create cavities. If left untreated, your tooth can begin to decay and even become infected. For this reason, it is important to treat decay as soon as possible. In most cases, this means removing the decayed material, cleaning the area, and filling the cavity.

What Types of Fillings Exist?

There are many different types of fillings. From gold to silver to composite fillings, different materials may be used depending on the extent of the damage, allergies, and other factors.

Safe & Natural-Looking BPA-Free Composite Fillings

Dr. Ayala and the rest of our team only use BPA-free materials in our fillings. This way, your child will not be exposed to any potentially harmful chemicals.

In addition to being safe, our fillings match the color and appearance of your child’s natural teeth. This way, no one will notice there’s a filling in the tooth, and you can be confident that with proper oral hygiene your child’s teeth are protected from additional decay.

Protect Your Child From Tooth Decay

Although fillings are a common treatment for tooth decay, there are many steps you and your family can take to prevent tooth decay in the first place. Make sure everyone brushes their teeth twice daily for two minutes each time, flosses every day, and visits our office regularly for cleanings and exams. If getting your kids to brush their teeth is a daily battle, check out our February blog post for 6 tips to make brushing fun for your kids. Then call us to schedule your child’s next appointment!

Do you want to ask our friendly team additional questions about fillings, tooth decay, or cavity prevention?

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