Finding Alternatives to Soda

A beautiful pitcher of fruit infused water.

Do your kids love sodas? These sugary, carbonated drinks are quite delicious! However, they can wreak havoc on their smiles. Here’s what you need to know about the consequences of sodas and some great alternatives that we hope they will learn to love just as much!

How Soda Can Negatively Impact Oral Health

Sodas are chock-full of sugar. A 12oz can of soda contains an average of 40 grams of sugar. These carbonated drinks can cause a variety of dental issues, such as cavities and decay. The sugar and carbonation in sodas create a breeding ground for cavities. Sugar creates an acidic reaction in the mouth that eats away at tooth enamel over time. Excessive soda consumption is not ideal for patients of any age!

Delicious Soda Alternatives

Looking for a sweet drink to replace sodas? There are many options to choose from! Here are some of our favorite drink alternatives.

  • Water with Sugar-Free Flavoring

  • There are many sugar-free water flavors on the market that you can squeeze into your child’s water. You can make it taste like lemonade, raspberry, cherry, and any other flavor!

  • Flavored Seltzer Water

  • If your kids love carbonation, opt for flavored seltzer waters. Many brands create naturally flavored seltzer waters so that they can enjoy a sweet carbonated beverage without the loaded sugar.

  • Iced Tea

  • Tea is a great soda alternative! If your child has a sweet tooth, you can pick teas with alternative sweeteners to help satisfy their sweet cravings!

  • Fruit-Infused Water

  • Water with sliced fruit is not only healthy and delicious, it’s also beautiful! Keep a pitcher in the fridge for easy access. It’s also a great party beverage. You can vary the fruits to suit your family’s tastes.

Schedule Your Child’s Cleaning & Exam in San Antonio

In addition to avoiding sugary drinks like sodas, it’s also important that your child visits the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and exam. Regular dental visits will help kids maintain great oral health! Looking for a pediatric dentist in San Antonio, TX? We’ve got you covered! At Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, our team is passionate about caring for the little smiles in our community. Please contact us to schedule their appointment!

Find a way to say no to soda!