Fixing an Overbite or Underbite on a Child

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Does your child have problems with their bite? Luckily, that’s something we can fix here at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry. Read on to learn all about over and underbites and what we can do about them.

What Are Overbites & Underbites?

A malocclusion is a term that represents any sort of misalignment issues with the teeth—that includes underbites and overbites. An overbite is when the top arch of the teeth extend out further than the bottom arch. With an underbite, it’s the opposite: the lower teeth extend further than the upper. Other malocclusions include crowding, cross bites, and open bites.


So how does a malocclusion such as an over or underbite come about in a child’s mouth? At times it’s caused by genetics. Sometimes there are a variety of other culprits. Common causes include extended pacifier or bottle use; thumb-sucking; trauma or injury to the jaw; poor dental care; and mouth breathing as a result of allergies or obstructed airways. While there are things you can do to try to prevent this in your child, often it just comes down to the way the jaw and teeth chose to develop.

Treating an Under or Overbite

If your child has a malocclusion, it’s important to seek dental treatment and advice. Not only will the issue affect the look of their smile, but malocclusions can cause problems and inconveniences down the road. An under or overbite may lead to issues speaking, chewing, and even breathing. Treatment decisions will depend on the severity of the issue, but options include braces or Invisalign®; extractions; wires; and even surgery. Early intervention can spread the treatment into stages and decrease the severity of the problem as your child ages.

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