Fun Facts About Ancient Dental Practices

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A whole lot has changed in the world of dentistry since its origins back in ancient times. We’ve wrangled up some interesting facts about old-timey dental practices to give you an idea of how far we’ve come. Let’s just say, we appreciate our trusty toothbrush and toothpaste a whole lot more after hearing about how things used to be done!

Tooth Worms or Cavities?

We know that holes in teeth are called cavities and that they are caused by decay. But years and years ago, people believed that tooth worms were the culprit. How does the thought of a little worm burrowing its way into your teeth sound? Probably a bit gross! In order to handle such mysterious (and annoying) tooth worms, people employed a few different tactics. These included everything from heated probes and extractions, to rituals and spells. Nothing like a little voodoo to eliminate tooth pain?!

Creative Recipes for Toothpaste

It should come as no surprise that our minty-fresh tubes of toothpaste are a modern invention. Back before we had shelves of options, people had to get creative with the ingredients to clean their teeth. There’s evidence of ash, crushed eggshells, crushed bones, ox hooves, oyster shells, and flowers all being used in toothpaste mixtures. The earliest known recipe for toothpaste does include mint though! It’s from an ancient Egyptian papyrus and lists mint, rock salt, iris flower, and pepper as ingredients.

Sticks Instead of Brushes

Before bristled brushes there were bristled sticks. These sticks or twigs had a frayed end used to clean teeth. The ancient Babylonians are the first ones on record to have them. However, other ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans used them too.

Primitive Fillings

The materials we use for dental fillings may be different, but we didn’t invent them! Surprisingly, the practice has been around for a very long time. The Aztecs used a mixture of iron, water, and lint to seal their cavities. And even more amazing, a tooth from 13,000 years ago found in Tuscany was filled with a combination of hair, vegetable fibers, and bitumen. That last item is a sticky oil derivative that’s used today to resurface roads. Pretty sure that the ancients would have chosen our tooth-colored fillings instead of paving material!

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