Dental Options for Kids with Sensory Issues

children dentist for kids with sensory issues

Children with individual sensory issues or who have autumn spectrum disorder often feel overwhelmed at the dentist. Even regular oral health at home can be challenging. For these kids, sounds, sights, sensations, and smells can be distressful or even painful. Their responses can include crying, hitting, or biting. What are their dental options?

Dental Care at Home

For kids who dislike how brushing their teeth makes them feel, an oral health routine can be hard. They might not like the flavor of the toothpaste, so look for unflavored options. If that’s still too overwhelming, brush with water and no toothpaste. Some kids with sensory issues actually like brushing their teeth, so your job is to make sure they’re brushing all their teeth for 2-3 minutes.

Getting Ready for a Trip to the Dentist

Most people have a little bit of dental anxiety, but it’s stronger for kids with sensory issues. You can make things easier for them in a couple of ways. First, schedule a tour of Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry’s office. Your child can become more familiar and comfortable with our kid-friendly environment. You can also describe what an appointment will look like, so your child is better prepared for what to expect. Patiently answer any questions they might have.

At the Dentist

When you make your appointment, please let us know that your child has sensory issues. At Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, we’re equipped to work with kids with special needs and will make accommodations. Let us know what specific sensitivities your child has, whether it’s problems with the bright overhead lights, loud noises, and so on. If your child’s dental anxiety is severe, we offer three kinds of sedation dentistry and follow industry standards for safe administration to young patients.

Kid-Friendly Dental Care at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry

As a parent, you care about your child’s oral health. Sensory issues can make dental care more challenging, but don’t give up hope! Our team of pediatric dentists is here to make appointments as comfortable as possible and give advice for at-home hygiene. If you have any questions about our San Antonio office or want to book an appointment, please get in touch!

We provide gentle dental care for kids with sensory issues!