Should Parents Pull Loose Baby Teeth?

Blonde little girl smiles against an aqua background after losing her first loose baby tooth

If your child has started getting loose baby teeth, you might be wondering whether there is ever a time when you should remove the tooth. Here, we’ll discuss what parents should know about their child’s loose baby teeth.

When Do Kids Start Losing Their Baby Teeth?

Before we talk about whether parents should pull loose baby teeth, let’s talk about when your child should start losing their baby teeth naturally. Kids typically begin to lose their first baby teeth around six or seven years old, though they could be a little younger or older than that. The first teeth to fall out are usually the ones that came in first, which are often the lower and upper front teeth. Baby teeth begin to loosen as the underlying adult tooth grows in and pushes it out.

Should Baby Teeth Fall Out In a Certain Order?

Baby teeth often fall out in the same order they grew in. However, if you find that your child’s baby teeth aren’t falling out in this typical pattern, don’t panic and try to pull out the teeth in the right order. If you try to pull on your child’s tooth when it’s not ready to come out, you’ll tug on sensitive roots and cause your child pain. If you are concerned that your child is losing baby teeth out of order, schedule a visit with our expert team. We can discuss your concerns and examine your child’s mouth to put your mind at ease.

Should Parents Ever Pull Loose Baby Teeth?

It is always preferred to have a baby tooth fall out on its own instead of yanking it out, in case the tooth just isn’t ready to come out yet. Pulling a tooth that doesn’t yet want to come out can result in a lot of pain, blood, and potential trauma and injury that could have been avoided had you just waited for nature to take its course. Instead of pulling out a loose baby tooth, encourage your child to gently wiggle it with a clean finger or tissue throughout the day. Then, sooner or later it’ll pop out when your child is wiggling it or eating.

What If the Tooth Is Loose Because of an Injury?

If your child’s baby tooth is loose because of an unusual force to the mouth (e.g. they fell off their bike or hit their tooth on a doorknob), it’s best to leave the tooth alone and give us a call. Pulling the tooth out without a proper examination could result in potential damage to your child’s mouth. At Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, we can make sure that there’s no infection or damage to the underlying permanent tooth.

If you’re concerned about your child’s loose baby teeth, give us a call to schedule an appointment!

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