Everything You Need to Know About Pediatric Dental Restorations

Brown skinned girl with cornrows looks sad with her hand on her cheek due to a toothache.

Is your child experiencing consistent toothaches, swelling, or infections? Do they have visibly damaged teeth? Pediatric dental restorations can help repair damaged teeth by restoring them to their original shape and strength. At Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, we proudly offer a range of pediatric dental restoration treatments, from fillings to dental crowns.

Types of Pediatric Dental Restorations

There are two main types of pediatric dental restorations: fillings and crowns, which often go hand-in-hand with baby root canals.

  • Fillings

  • Fillings are a common type of dental restoration. When your child develops a cavity, which can be caused by diet, poor dental hygiene, or a combination of the two, we use a natural-looking, tooth colored material (usually ceramic or composite resin) to fill the hole caused by the cavity. Fillings are a very easy and pain-free procedure, and can help preserve the integrity of your child’s tooth and prevent further decay.

  • Baby Root Canal

  • If a cavity is left untreated, the infection can spread deep in the tooth and down to the tooth roots, which are below the gum line. If your child has an infected tooth, they might need a baby root canal, which is a root canal performed on a baby tooth. During a baby root canal, our dentist will flush out the infected tissue from the tooth cavity. They will then fill the tooth with a material called gutta percha. Once that’s complete, they will top the tooth with a dental crown, or a cap that protects the infected tooth.

  • Dental Crowns

  • Dental crowns match the natural tooth’s size, shape, and strength. They strengthen weak or damaged teeth. At Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, we use ceramic and porcelain crowns to give the tooth a natural look.

The Importance of Pediatric Dental Restorations

Pediatric dental restorations are critical for young patients who have damaged or infected teeth. Baby teeth play a vital role in one’s oral health, since they allow children to eat and talk and ensure that there is enough space for adult teeth to grow in properly.

Affordable Pediatric Dental Restorations in San Antonio, TX

Whether your child needs a routine dental cleaning and exam or a pediatric dental restoration, Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry offers a full range of treatments to keep your little one healthy and smiling. We will work with you to develop a unique treatment plan for your child that fits your budget. Call us at 210-824-9488 or schedule an appointment online to get started!

Repair damaged teeth with pediatric dental restorations!