Should My Child Be Wearing A Mouthguard?

Cartoon showing a boy getting a soccer ball in the face and chipping a tooth.
Image by Authority Dental under CC 2.0

Prevention is key to having excellent dental health. You encourage your child to brush and floss their teeth to prevent cavities and tooth damage. You bring them to Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry for regular examinations and cleanings. However, many people don’t realize the importance of encouraging their active children to wear mouthguards to prevent injury.

When Does My Child Need to Wear a Mouthguard?

Your child may want to get a mouthguard if they play aggressive sports like wrestling, basketball, soccer, hockey, rugby, lacrosse, or football. Sports like this often need safety gear, and a mouthguard plays an important role in protecting your child’s teeth. The American Dental Association even recommends mouthguards for sports like skateboarding, skiing, surfing, martial arts and gymnastics. Even though they may not feel like full contact sports, there is still substantial potential for mouth trauma. Mouthguards are especially important if your child wears braces. An injury to the face could lead to the braces breaking and causing even further damage to the gums and cheeks.

How Does a Mouthguard Work?

Whenever there’s an impact on your child’s mouth, there’s a risk of the force causing damage to teeth, gums, or jaw. However, if your child wears a mouthguard, it will absorb the shock and lessen the blow. Mouthguards can help protect your child’s mouth from damage.

What Kind of Mouthguard Is Best?

Mouthguards are available in over-the-counter varieties from a drugstore or custom-made from a dentist. Which is best? Over-the-counter mouthguards rarely fit properly. An improper fit can lead to not being able to breathe or talk normally. It also doesn’t offer the maximum protection that custom-made mouthguards provide. Custom-made mouthguards can give your child the best fit, protection, and comfort. Children are also more likely to wear custom-made mouthguards since they feel more comfortable in their mouths.

Kids’ Mouthguards at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry

Do you want to prevent the need for emergency dental treatment? Of course you do! At Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, we can design and create a custom mouthguard that will protect your child’s mouth from athletic injury. A mouthguard can reduce the amount of dental trauma and treatment a child could need, which saves you money and time. If you’re interested in getting a custom mouthguard made, please schedule an appointment with us.

Custom athletic mouthguards prevent dental emergencies!