Why Summer Is the Best Time for Your Child To Get Braces

Smiling young teen with braces.

Summer is here! We hope you and your child have plans to make the most of their time off together before the new school year begins. If your child needs braces, summertime is the perfect time to begin their treatment. Here’s why that’s the case, and how we can help your child have their dream smile at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry.

How Long Is Braces Treatment?

How long your child has braces depends on their individual situation, but braces treatment typically lasts up to two years. When your child first gets braces, they may have to come into the office a little more frequently. We want to ensure that they’re adjusting to their new hardware comfortably and that there aren’t any complications as they get used to braces.

Flexibility in Early Stage Orthodontics

When your child first gets braces, it’s going to take time to get used to them. They might feel some discomfort, tightness, and pain as they get used to the feel of the metal brackets and wires. They’ll likely have a couple of follow up appointments soon after they get their braces to ensure that everything is looking good.

Therefore, having a flexible schedule is helpful for your child to get the dedicated care they need from their orthodontist. During the summer, kids are out of school and have fewer activities. This frees up time to allow them to adjust to braces on their own schedule and make it to any necessary appointments early on.

Affordable Braces in San Antonio, TX

If your child needs braces, there’s no better time than the summer to schedule their treatments! Apart from orthodontics, we offer comprehensive dental treatments to help young patients maintain healthy smiles. Best of all, we offer affordable financing so kids of all financial backgrounds can have access to great care. Contact us today to schedule an orthodontic consultation!

Summer is a great time to start braces!