What To Know Before Getting Braces

Smiling boy with braces standing in front of a fence.

Is your child about to get braces? We’re so excited! Braces are a life-changing treatment that can make a huge difference in your child’s self-confidence. Before your child gets them on, here are some things that Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry would like you to know so you both can be fully prepared for the big day!

Have Soft Food Ready

Getting braces on for the first time can cause sensitivity and discomfort. Make sure to have some soft foods on hand, such as mashed potatoes, soup, oatmeal, ice cream, and yogurt. Chances are, your child’s teeth will be too sensitive to eat anything else! Throughout the course of their orthodontic treatment, they will visit us for periodic wire tightenings and adjustments. These appointments will often leave your child’s teeth feeling sore, so have some soft foods tucked away after these types of visits, too!

Ask About Dietary Restrictions

When your child gets braces, there will be a list of foods that Dr. Font will want them to stay away from. Some foods can easily get caught in the brackets and wires or damage them. For example, patients will be advised to stay away from chewing gum, hard foods, popcorn, nuts, and more.

Make Sure Your Child Is Brushing & Flossing Thoroughly

Metal brackets and wires can make it difficult to properly brush and floss. It will take some getting used to, but your child will need to spend a little extra time on their oral hygiene regimen while they have braces. If they don’t properly clean their teeth, they are more likely to develop cavities during their orthodontic treatment. We recommend getting a water flosser for them to use with braces. Instead of fishing the floss string in between brackets and wires, water flossers can easily clean between teeth!

Braces Help More Than Just the Smile’s Appearance!

If your child is tackling crooked teeth or an overbite, braces will help their smile look beautiful! However, did you know that braces do more than just change the smile’s appearance? For example, crooked teeth can damage the surrounding teeth and also make your child more susceptible to cavities. Overbites and underbites can damage the jawbone and lead to issues such as TMJ/TMD that can cause headaches and jaw pain. Braces will help improve the look, health, and functionality of your child’s smile!

Braces at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry

If you’re considering braces for your child, we’d love for you to choose Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry for your child’s orthodontic treatment! Our skilled, experienced team takes a gentle, hands-on approach to your child’s care. We’ll ensure that they receive the personalized treatment they deserve. Contact us today!

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