Traditional Braces in San Antonio, TX

Traditional metal braces are a great way to correct mild, moderate, and even severe spacing and alignment issues, as well as correct problems with your child’s bite. These conventional braces aren’t what they used to be either – gone are the days of the overwhelming “metal mouth” look. Now we can customize your child’s braces with colored or even clear brackets, so they can show off their style even while improving their oral health. Call to schedule your child’s braces consultation with our pediatric dentist in San Antonio today!
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Benefits of Metal Braces

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Traditional metal braces of the past used to be clunky, awkward, and feel very bulky to patients. Today, metal braces use smaller brackets and thinner wires to straighten teeth with a little more subtlety and comfort. There are many reasons to choose metal braces for yourself or for your child.

Benefits to Early Orthodontic Intervention

  • Modern metal braces are sleek and comfortable to wear
  • There are no clear aligners to keep track of and wear consistently
  • Traditional braces can be used to treat severe malocclusion
  • Patients can eat and drink without having to remove their braces first
  • Kids can change the color of their braces during orthodontic visits

San Antonio Orthodontist

Dr. Andrea Font
Dr. Andrea Font is our board-certified orthodontist at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry. She takes pride in helping children of the San Antonio community getting straight, healthy smiles through the use of a variety of orthodontic methods, particularly metal braces. Dr. Font stays on top of the latest advancements in orthodontic treatments and offers both traditional metal braces and Invisalign®. After an initial consultation, she will design the best treatment plan for your child’s unique dental needs.

Meet Dr. Andrea Font

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Affordable Braces in San Antonio, TX

Concerns about the cost of braces shouldn’t deter you from bringing your child in for a consultation or treatment. At Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, we’re insurance friendly, and we have additional flexible financing options. We offer in-house financing that lets you break up
your out-of-pocket costs, and we accept third-party financing through CareCredit®.


How do straight teeth impact your oral health?

Believe it or not, a straight smile is more than just beautiful, it’s healthy, too. Crooked teeth make it more difficult to properly clean. Bad bacteria and food debris have more places to hide when teeth aren’t aligned which can lead to cavities, gum disease, and infection. Misaligned teeth can also negatively impact your bite and potential cause temporomandibular disorder or teeth grinding.

Do braces hurt?

Since braces move and shift teeth, it’s likely that the braces will cause some discomfort from time to time. The longer your child is in braces, the more comfortable they will get. After adjustments, your little one’s teeth may be sore and sensitive. However, the discomfort is temporary and can be regulated by taking over-the-counter pain medication and consuming soft foods on the day of the adjustment.

How to care for teeth with braces?

When you are dealing with braces for your kiddo, it’s important to make sure that they are properly cleaning their teeth, since braces can make children more susceptible to cavities. We understand that it can be difficult properly brushing every area of your teeth while working around brackets and wires. Try getting your child an interdental brush to get in the hard to reach areas and between the brackets. Another tip is to have your child rinse their mouth with water to dislodge trapped food particles. Make sure that they get biannual dental cleanings, so we can assist in ensuring they maintain great oral health throughout the straightening process.

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