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Traditional metal braces are a great way to correct mild, moderate, and even severe spacing and alignment issues, as well as correct problems with your child’s bite. These conventional braces aren’t what they used to be either – gone are the days of the overwhelming “metal mouth” look. Now we can customize your child’s braces with colored or even clear brackets, so they can show off their style even while improving their oral health.
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Benefits of Metal Braces

The sooner orthodontic conditions are corrected, the better. Dental issues are often easier to fix when the patient is at a younger age. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that all children receive an orthodontic screening by age seven to determine if any problems need to be treated now, or in the future.

Benefits to Early Orthodontic Intervention

  • Creates room for crowded teeth
  • Promotes facial symmetry
  • Preserves space for unerupted teeth to come in properly
  • Reduces the need for tooth removal or serious dental work in the future
  • Increases your child’s self-esteem and confidence

San Antonio Orthodontist

Dr. Lori Fulk
Dr. Lori Fulk is our board certified orthodontist at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry. She takes pride in helping children of the San Antonio community getting straight, healthy smiles through the use of a variety of orthodontic methods, particularly metal braces. Dr. Fulk stays on top of the latest advancements in orthodontic treatments, so she will design the best treatment plan for your child’s unique dental needs.

Meet Dr. Lori Fulk

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Affordable Braces in San Antonio, TX

Concerns about the cost of braces shouldn’t deter you from bringing your child in for a consultation or treatment. At Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, we’re insurance friendly, and we have additional flexible financial options. We offer in-house financing that lets you break up
your out-of- pocket costs, and we accept third-party financing through CareCredit®.

Contact our office to learn more and let us help you fit treatment into your budget!

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